Ten years on and the story continues

6 Feb

I ended my biography with the words: “Ian Dury – ‘young and old and gone’ – but his legacy will endure.” That his life and music would go on to influence future generations was a given. Not so, The Blockheads. It seemed doubtful then that they could carry on.

Fast forward almost 11 years and The Blockheads are still gigging furiously. Next year marks the group’s 35th anniversary. And while they continue to release their own albums, they are also keeping Ian’s songs alive, helped some by a startling biopic released last year that has ignited fresh public interest in Ian Dury the man.

In 2010, Omnibus Press asked me to write an updated edition of the book and it is this fresh look at how the story has continued without the man, that is coming out shortly.

Inside, to quote the man himself, “This is what we find”:

  • Foreword by BAFTA-nominated actor Andy Serkis.
  • Beyond the Call of Dury: a new chapter charting events immediately following Ian’s death, including the release of the ‘Brand New Boots And Panties’ tribute album and ‘Ten More Turnips From The Tip’ . It also re-examines The Blockheads as musicians in their own right… an unstoppable force on the live scene with two studio albums to their name since 2003.
  • Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll – the complete inside story of the film: how it came together; where the scenes were shot, and the extraordinary lengths that Andy Serkis went to in order to portray his hero. Based on original interviews with Serkis, director Mat Whitecross, producer Damian Jones and scriptwriter Paul Viragh.
  • An afterword by actor Martin Freeman, himself a huge Dury fan.
  • New pictures, including stills from the movie.

This involved a lot of work, but even more pleasure. Pub sessions with members of The Blockheads, seeing them play at the legendary 100 Club, meeting and interviewing Andy Serkis? It was a horrible job, but someone had to do it.


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