Ian Dury v Lou Reed

4 Jun

There was no love lost between Ian Dury and Lou Reed when they toured the US together in 1978. Fred ‘Spider’ Rowe, Ian’s former minder, recounts the following incident in this extract of Sex & Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Life of Ian Dury – OUT NOW.

“We were in this university doing the last gig and we had had this shit off Lou Reed for quite some time now and Ian was on stage and he announced to the crowd, ‘Well, this is our last show with Lou Reed, good old Lou, he has looked after us and we are very pleased to have been on the tour with him and I’m sure this tour would not have been so successful without him” – which was bollocks anyway – “so, I would like to dedicate  this song to Lou and all the people who have helped us and loved us throughout this tour, so here we go…’Arseholds, bastards, fucking cunts and pricks’. I was laughing and Lou Reed was standing behind me with his tour manager, so he said to me, ‘Well you’ve just done yourselves out of a crate of champagne,’ and I said, ‘Poke it up your bollocks, we don’t want your champagne, we just want rid of you.’  When Ian came off stage, he said to tbe crew, ‘Don’t take offence, it’s only a song’. He’d done him up like a kipper and it was really excellent the way he did it.”


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