Take It Or Leave It

19 Oct

Inner sleeve from Madness 7, plugging the Stiff-backed film Take It Or Leave It.

Except from Be Stiff: The Stiff Records Story

The film – named after a track on Absolutely – was, in true [Dave] Robinson style, an expensive gamble. Stiff had reportedly stumped up £250,000 for the project, with members of the band and their then manager Kellogs also putting up the rest of the cash. Creatively, it was a true team effort. Madness and Robinson came up with the script, with help from writer and video producer Phil McDonald. Robinson personally took charge of the filming, which took place over about two weeks.

“[Chris] Foreman vividly remembers the filming, which suffered setbacks from the very outset. “We did two days filming and we sent it to Switzerland and it came back bleached – it was ruined,” he says. “And it was sort of a blessing in disguise, because we were insured and we’d had two days practice working with cameras, so we just carried on merrily…We were based in St Pancras Way where there was a big Post Office depot. One of the first scenes they filmed was a car chase, where we had to get from one gig to another. There was this gantry which fell over and Dave broke his leg right at the beginning. We got a bit of press out of it though!”


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