Be Stiff – the reviews

16 Jan


What they said about Be Stiff: The Stiff Records Story

‘A passionate and detailed book that’s simply a must-read. Stunning.’ (10/10) Vive Le Rock

‘Stiff aficionados will appreciate this.’ (4/5) Classic Pop

‘Comprises fresh interviews with the main acts, excellent levels of research and conveys the sheer absurdity of this mad label’s brilliance.’ (3/5) Q

‘I can’t recommend this enough…This new history of the world’s greatest record label is bringing back many fond memories of a time when rock music was fun…Clearly, for author Richard Balls, this book has been a labour of love. Full credit to him. He’s done a fine job.’ Andy Kershaw

‘Coming into being just as Pub Rock was giving way to the rumblings of Punk, Stiff operated more or less as a guerilla outfit, being capable of signing an act on a whim…Be Stiff is a fabulous account of heady times and a perfect Christmas present for gentlemen of a certain age.’ The Herald (Ireland)

‘..anyone who wants to read of people who pioneered the appeal of mavericks, rewrote music- business marketing handbooks, and coined the Stiff slogan ‘Even our socks smell of success’ will find much to enjoy here. Reasons to be cheerful? One, two, three, a few more besides.’ Irish Times 

‘The story of inspirational independent Stiff Records has been Malcolm Wyatt’s music book of 2014.’ Lancashire Evening Post

‘Richard Balls’ new book Be Stiff: The Stiff Records Story is half great because it serves as a series of biographies outlining the early careers of such significant artists and half great because it’s so fun to read about all the outrageousness of and surrounding Stiff.’ Psychobabble

‘Be Stiff looks beyond the most famous of the artists signed to the label. It goes deeper than any previous music press or magazine article has managed to go, exposing a wealth of new information, fresh anecdotes and insight through countless interviews with Stiff’s key-players.’ Mouth Magazine

Richard Balls’ history of Stiff Records every bit as good as anticipated. Almost made me want to revisit all that late ’70s mayhem – DJ Taylor 


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