BUY 1 – So It Goes/Heart Of The City

15 Mar


So It Goes/Heart Of The City (BUY1 – released 14 August 1976)

[Excerpt from Chapter 2]

‘So It Goes’ came in a plain black sleeve bearing the bubble-lettered Stiff logo. The record itself was stamped with the humour that would come to define the label. ‘Earthlings Awake’ was scratched around the inner groove of the A-side, while ‘Three Chord Trick Yeh’ was etched into the one on the other. These hidden messages were the work of cutter Porky Peckham – real name George Peckham – and a feature that fans would eagerly look out for on future releases.

The single’s catalogue number was BUY1, heralding a Stiff trademark that would make not just make its music, but its overall design and packaging, collectible. Stiff would go on to produce stunning picture sleeves and brightly coloured vinyl, thus helping to give the British pop single the kiss of life. But for its first foray into the world of 45s, the cover reflected the wonderful simplicity of the record inside.


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