BUY 22 – Larry Wallis: Police Car

12 Apr

Larry Wallis - Police Car

Larry Wallis: Police Car/On Parole (released October 1977)

[Excerpt from Be Stiff: The Stiff Records Story]

Wallis casts his mind back to the hallucinogenic evening that inspired the song. “I was living in a church with a bunch of architects,” he recalls. “But my girlfriend Rose and I lived in the church hall at the back of the place, like a couple of vampires. We lived on Jim Beam, amphetamine sulphate, hash and fish fingers. Someone had built a very high platform, where we basically lived. It had all we needed: a bed, a Sony Trinitron, two shot glasses, a mirror, blade, and drinking straws.

“One Friday evening, as usual, we were as stoned as two boogie owls, and watching Angie Dickinson in Police Woman, when suddenly there was a close-up of a police car roaring towards the camera. Its radiator grille, to my stoned eyes, was a big grin, and its siren was screaming, ‘I’m a Police Car’. I immediately stopped watching the show, and 15 minutes later, tops, ‘I’m a Police Car’ was completely written.”

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