BUY 76 – The Plasmatics: Butcher Baby

5 Jul


The Plasmatics’ Butcher Baby (BUY 76) was released in 1980 on blood-splattered marble vinyl. The B-side Tight Black Pants was a live recording of another track from their album New Hope For The Wretched (SEEZ 24).

As well as the lurid coloured vinyl for fans to salivate over, the back cover carried information about a promotional offer. ‘For your Plasmatics T shirt and patch send £3.00 inclusive to: Plasmatics Offer c/o Stiff Mail Order, 9-11 Woodfield Road, London W9’.

Disappointingly, the single reached number 55 in the UK chart, the same position achieved by the album. And after health and safety officers at the Greater London Council put paid to the band’s widely promoted show at Hammersmith Odeon 8 August 1980, fans in the UK were denied the chance to see the band’s explosive and outrageous live show, which involved blowing up cars and singer Wendy O Williams taking a chainsaw to a guitar.


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